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February 13, 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Taking Action Today
Our primitive brain doesn’t like us to take action. It wants to keep us safe. You might be familiar with thoughts like “I’m too old”, “I’m just not good at that”, “I’m too busy”, “what will others think of me?”, “I’ll do it one day” and the powerful dream stealer “what if I fail?”.
The only problem is that every time you listen to your primitive brain you are failing ahead of time. And you continue to feel stuck because you are not moving forward.
I’m not going to lie to you, when you first start taking action it feels shit. Your brain is going to feel confused, because in order for you to take action, your brain is going to think something new and it won’t like it. It will take courage. Courage is basically feeling afraid and doing it anyway.
So, why should we take action? Here are 7 reasons why you should start taking action today:
1. You will start creating more possibilities in your life -talk to that stranger, she might be your next bestie or recommend you to your dream employee.
2. You will learn that courage doesn’t hurt and it will only become easier. Taking action will become the new habit for you – taking small, consistent action creates massive impact.
3. It makes you feel good about yourself. “It’s possible for me” “I can do it” “I’m strong”
4. It creates evidence for what you are capable of – I know you are capable of anything, you just need to believe it too.
5. The sum of your actions are your results. Lots of action = lots of results. Results that you get to choose!
6. You will learn the meta skill of overcoming the discomfort of experiencing negative emotions. Once you can experience any emotion, there is nothing standing between you and your dreams.
7. Who you become in the process. THIS is everything. Your personal growth is one of the keys to your optimal mental health. When you are evolving into a new version of yourself it feels challenging. When you arrive it feels incredible and then you start all over again! Humans are going to experience negative emotions half of the time anyway, you may as well be working towards your dream life, by taking actions to get you there.
What action will you be taking today?
If this resonates with you, I offer a free mini call. This means I can give you some coaching. Come on, prove to yourself that you can take action. The worst that can happen is a feeling. I promise I’m not scary and I won’t be salesy. I only want to work with people who love working with me!
Image by Austin Neill, Unsplash