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February 1, 2018

Practicing Thoughts
If you have done any coaching work with me, then this might be a timely reminder to PRACTICE YOUR INTENTIONAL THOUGHTS! (I’ll stop shouting).
If you haven’t worked with me, then you might be feeling a bit lost.
Let me explain.
A thought is simply a sentence in our mind.
A belief is a thought that we have thought so many times it’s automatic.
Our thoughts are what create our feelings. Our feelings drive our actions. The sum of our actions are the results we have in our life.
Your thoughts are responsible for all the results in your life…
Just let that sink in.
So the work I do is to help people uncover the thoughts and beliefs that are not useful. The thoughts and beliefs that are having results in their life that they choose not to have.
And then we create new, intentional thoughts to replace those pesky ones.
We need to practice those thoughts, so the new thoughts become automatic and they can become our new beliefs.
Practicing new thoughts is at the core of sustainable change in our life. So don’t forget to practice your intentional thoughts.
Do these ideas intrigue you? Spoiler alert. They are LIFE CHANGING. If you want to know more, email me!
Photo by Cristian Newman, Unsplash