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January 23, 2018

When It’s Hard to Receive
Today I received a beautiful gift. It was a thank you gift in the form of a Lululemon top. Previously I might have felt awkward and embarrassed about receiving a gift.
You might be more familiar with standing at the scenario of standing at the cash register, fighting over the bill. I did that for so many years, especially when I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t really know why back then.
Now I know that I wanted to give, but only to those who were worthy. I wanted to give to those who truly needed and deserved my help but I didn’t want to receive. I would have questioned whether it was justified, if I had truly EARNED the gift. I would worry if I would I have to repay it later. I would sometimes feel obligated. I didn’t feel worthy. I thought receiving, was a weakness on my part. I also thought asking for something or help was audaciously presumptuous. It was rude. I had lots of thoughts that prevented me from receiving and genuinely feeling good about it.
I’ve come to realise that life is better when we are open to giving and receiving. It FLOWS. There is joy in the act giving and there is joy in the act of receiving. I also know that to have a successful business, I must be open to this possibility. I want to be open in a way that is genuine and that comes from a place of love.
I know how to change this, slowly and surely I am becoming more comfortable with receiving. And this is what is helping me. Firstly when I give I give because I want to give. There are no strings attached. I give in the way I want to, when I want to and I give because it feels good. The person can hate the gift, the person can refuse the gift and I just get to enjoy the joy the act of giving. It’s fun to give! Changing my attitude to giving is critical to helping me change my thoughts around receiving.
When I receive I focus on my gratitude and I focus on the fact that this act of giving is bringing someone else joy. I remind myself that I am worthy.
I want to hear if you find it hard to give or receive and why. Comment on this post or on my FB page. I’d love to hear your take on this.
Image by Chungkuk Bae, Unsplash